Question: Who is DimSum?
Answer: A Toronto based enthusiast offering affordable and only the best modifications/enhancements for your BMW and Mini needs.

Question: Why DimSum?
Answer: Professional equipment paired with the latest software and updates there is no need to ever worry about anything going wrong. Over 5 years active in the BMW community, I strive to give only the best solution to my customers. By enthusiast for enthusiast.

Question: Why is your name DimSum?
Answer:It was a name used on a forum many years back, so people refer to me as DimSum.

Question: Is coding safe?
Answer: Absolutely, majority of the coding is merely just activating features that were disabled in the North American market. All the coding I perform is 100% reversible and does not make any permanent changes to the car. It will be as if the car came from the factory equipped with these activated features. Rest-assure that none of the coding through me will damage or “brick” the car.

Question: How long does coding take?
Answer:  The time varies depending on how many or how complicated the features are being coded. On average, no less than 20 mins and no longer than an hour.

Question: Will coding void my warranty?
Answer:  Coding will not void your warranty. A dealer software update on your vehicle may cause you to lose all the features coded to your car. As the car will be reset back to factory state.